Find out why Allcost is Egyptian Cotton™ certified

Quality is one of the main vectors of Allcost. The Egyptian Cotton™ certification is a result of the development of premium textiles. Find out what this certification entails and what to expect of Allcost products.

What is the Cotton Egypt Association?

From the farmer to the manufacturer, from the field to the end consumer, all genuine Egyptian cotton must follow the high quality standards that the Cotton Egypt Association upholds, and protecting the Egyptian Cotton™ name is its top priority. On this way, consumers can trust on what the label says and look for an Egyptian Cotton™ trademark, once Cotton Egypt Association works closely with manufacturers to ensure that only authentic Egyptian Cotton ™ hits store shelves.

How do they guarantee genuine Egyptian Cotton™?

The Cotton Egypt Association constantly searches to develop ways to separate genuine Egyptian cotton from inferior imitations. Thanks to scientific technology advances, Cotton Egypt Association collects samples at different stages of Egyptian Cotton™ production and proceeds to DNA test . So that all possible scenarios are addressed, ensuring quality remains.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

The term “Egyptian Cotton” is, for many, synonymous of high quality luxury cotton because of its length, softness and strength. These characteristics, in turn, come from the climate in which this cotton is grown. The egyptian climate, particularly in the Nile Delta, presents the ideal conditions for the creation of extra-long fibers, which are durable, smoother and allow the fabric to be created with more yarns.

Although the origin of the term “Egyptian Cotton”, this type of cotton does not necessarily have to come from Egypt, as long as the place of cultivation has the same hot and dry climate.

Due to the fact that the egyptian cotton is well maintained over the years. It becomes softer with age, maintaining the same resistance. This is classified as a luxury product and has a unique reputation.

In fact, the egyptian cotton represents only 0.5% of world production of cotton. This improves their state of luxury and rarity.

From Bed linen, to SPA and Bath linen, Allcost guarantees genuine and authentic Egyptian Cotton in its products.

Thank you for being part of our commitment!