What is the best fabric for warmer months?

Premium European Linen Bedding is traditionally recognized worldwide for its quality, durability, strength and considered exceptionally comfortable to sleep on, due to the benefits of thermoregulation and breathability, keeping it cool in summer and cozy in winter. Even better when they are EUROPEAN FLAX® certified, as is Allcost Premium Linen. Discover the benefits of these natural properties of EUROPEAN FLAX® Certified Linen, and what they mean for your business

The human body constantly works so that the body temperature is at the right temperature, that’s why our skin, the largest organ in the body, makes sure that your internal temperature stays good. And temperature change is one of the biggest external factors affecting your sleep. In addition to decorating the bedroom in an elegant and casual way, and having a slightly wrinkled appearance, Linen Bed Linens fulfill much more than their primary function of protecting human skin from contact with the mattress.

Thermoregulation and Breathability

Thermoregulation, therefore, means that your body temperature remains stable and regulated, which is why when temperatures rise, the correct choice of sheets such as 100% Linen sheets really help you sleep better.

“Breathability” means that, when temperatures drop, the natural fibers of the linen fabric contract, forming a kind of insulation by reducing the space between the fibers, retaining more body heat naturally, and at the right temperature. The opposite happens when it heats up, the fibers of the linen fabric expand, allowing air and heat to be released into the environment, allowing the body to cool down and keep fresh.

Linen EUROPEAN FLAX® Bedding by Allcost

For 11 years, Allcost’s mission has been to offer complete solutions in Design, Quality, Innovation and Sustainability to their customers. That is why, in order to guarantee the traceability of all stages of the processing of Premium Flax fiber grown in Western Europe, Allcost has been EUROPEAN FLAX® certified since July 2021.

Guarantee of sustainable origin

This certification ensures that the fiber is natural, sustainable, grown without artificial irrigation, as rainwater is sufficient for its cultivation, and free from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), and is produced in accordance with high social and environmental standards.

From the fiber producer to the finished product, all stages of the supply, processing and marketing chain are certified to guarantee the traceability of EUROPEAN FLAX®, from fiber to consumer. Allcost once again guarantees its customers a supply of quality and excellence.

To discover our entire collection of home textiles for your business, visit www.allcost.pt. Allcost offers a wide range of Linen bedding in EUROPEAN FLAX® certified, in addition to classic blends with Cotton, or even the latest launch, the blend of Linen with TENCEL™ Lyocell. For personalized proposals, contact us directly on +351 253 479 260 or sales@allcost.pt.