Which are the best towels for your business

Towels are key elements for areas such as hotels, SPA’s and beauty salons. Your choice should take into account a number of aspects that will guarantee quality, durability and the feeling your clients are looking for: softness. Learn how to choose the best towels for your business!

Towels fulfill much more than their primary function of absorbing moisture from the body and hair. Being, in the majority of the time, exposed in the toilet or in a visible space, towels also assume an importante role in the decoration.

Therefore, the choice of these products should be careful and take into account a set of points that we will detail below. It is from the combination of all the features that you will come to the conclusion of which are the best towels for your business!

Heimtextil 2018 towels

Pay full attention to the towels material

The raw material used in towels is one of the primary points to watch out for. The touch sensation will be the first aspect that will be under analysis by your clients. The use of Egyptian cotton instead of conventional cotton makes the product much more pleasant to the touch and comfortable. This is considered the best cotton in the world!

Density and absorption capacity

While towels for the gym should be thinner, to occupy less space, in hospitality and SPA’s the density of the towel as to be higher and with good absorption capacity. This feature is influenced by the fabric used. Once again, Egyptian cotton is the best for this challenge.

The aesthetic function of towels

These products will complement the decor of the space and be an integral part of the environment to be created. In SPA’s neutral tones evoke the concept of wellness more easily.

Durability is the key factor for your business

To choose the best towels for your space, you can not put aside the question of the robustness of these products, because they will have many washing cycles. If the towel is not of good quality, you will quickly have it damaged.

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