Allcost is the first Portuguese home textile company to achieve the GOTS certification for Bed Linen that includes the luxurious Cashmere yarn and Organic Cotton in its composition, in addition to already having in its portfolio other GOTS certified qualities, such as Organic Linen and Organic Cotton. Find out what this certification involves and what you can expect from GOTS Allcost products.

ALLCOST is Cashmere GOTS certified

Another important step is taken by Allcost, the first Portuguese home textile company certified for Cashmere GOTS. With a commitment to offering beautiful, quality and sustainable products, the acquisition of this certification reflects the reliability and transparency of production processes throughout the Allcost textile chain.

Being GOTS certified means that Allcost meets the strict environmental and social criteria throughout the textile chain, in addition, the Global Organic Textile Standard – GOTS, recognized as the world’s leading textile processing standard, attests that the raw materials called organic in the product composition, such as Organic Cotton, are grown without synthetic additives, pesticides or genetically modified seeds, preserving natural resources and protecting agricultural workers and the environment.

The GOTS standard covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trade and distribution of all textile products carrying the GOTS label grade ‘made with organic’, which must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibres, whereas a product with the label grade ‘organic’ must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres. The monitoring system is based on on-site inspection and certification performed by independent, specially accredited bodies. This assures the integrity of GOTS certified textiles.

Allcost GOTS certified products are identified with the GOTS logo, references to the grade “organic” or “made with organic”, the independent certification body and the Allcost license number.

Cashmere Bedding by Allcost, in pre-washed fabric, no ironing needed!

The blend that is a real success among Allcost customers, products in Cashmere & Organic Cotton are recognized for their extreme softness and quality, offering GOTS certified bed linen with sophisticated fabrics with a slightly shiny and very silky appearance, as a result of the fibers extremely thin. Composing one of the rarest and luxurious Premium fabrics in the world, Cashmere fiber is originated from nomadic goats. When the temperature rises, they naturally lose fine hair, which is combed and manually separated, and then sent to be cleaned, refined, packaged and transformed into an exceptionally silky fabric. The exceptional thermal properties of Cashmere fibers provide warmth in the coldest months and lightness in the summer days.


Organic Cotton GOTS

Leading the Portuguese market, Allcost also has GOTS certified products in 100% Organic Cotton, and as mentioned above, its a natural fiber grown without pesticides or chemicals, preserving the soil, water, who harvests it, the environment and our health. With extra soft and smooth touch and hypoallergenic characteristics, its highly recommended for people with sensitive skin or even for the delicate skin of the little ones.

 GOTS certified organic fabrics go through specific stages in their processing, with the guarantee of using only certified finishes for this purpose. Some considerations related to the GOTS enzymatic washing process, which use enzymes in order to give an even softer touch to the pieces, highlight shorter bathing relationships, promoting water savings and making the process more sustainable. In addition, there is a shortening of the process and a reduction in temperature, compared to the conventional process, further preserving the natural characteristics of the cotton fiber and its durability.

In the GOTS certified production process, the following are also guaranteed: physical separation of article storage; cleaning hydros and dryers; the use of specific machines to treat organic articles; and also the traceability of the products used for the processes. To better understand the difference between Organic Cotton and regular Cotton read this other article.

Organic Linen GOTS

More than Premium textiles, Allcost and Aquatowel bet on innovation and sustainable alternatives, such as products in 100% GOTS certified Organic Linen. Originally an ecological fiber, Linen has numerous benefits when compared to other natural fibers, as it has a soft and smooth touch, is hypoallergenic, resistant, and being a pre-washed fabric, it is distinguished by its wrinkled and always elegant effect. In addition, GOTS certification attests that in the product’s finishing stages, no dyes or chemicals have been used that have been classified as allergenic.

Produced from the stem of the flax herb plant, it is one of the oldest natural fibers used in textile production.

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