It was on December 3, 2018 that the 25th Gala of the World Travel Awards took place in Lisbon.

WTA’s are considered the most important tourism awards worldwide. These recognize, reward and celebrate excellence in all sectors of the tourism industry, including the best hotels, destinations, airlines and travel suppliers in the world. The WTA brand is recognized worldwide as the ultimate quality brand.

Best City Hotel in the World of the 2018 WTA Edition

The CORINTHIA HOTEL LISBON, constituted by bedding, bath and table Allcost, won the prestigious award of Best City Hotel in the World of the 2018 WTA edition.

High standards of service quality, professionalism of the whole team and commitment. Therefore, these three main vectors provided unique and unforgettable experiences and have dictated the Corinthia Lisbon  worldwide distinction.

The Hotel, situated in the heart of Lisbon, is moved by devotion, detail and quality of every service details.

Its worldwide distinction is an honor for the Allcost group, which translates into proof of the excellence and premium quality of the textile articles that we manufacture and supply to this hotel group.

The feeling of quality, comfort and well-being provided to guests through the use of the most refined and distinctive raw materials in bed linen, bath and tableware is a service marketing strategy. So, it was very important to ensure the promotion of this Hotel and the worldwide recognition of the Allcost product.

The hospitality and excellence of the service of Corinthia Lisbon are dictated through sensations and experiences. Among them the comfort, smells, flavors, ambiance and service received.

This is a sector that needs to create experiences based on feelings of being at home without being at home. So, exists a paradoxical relation. Guests look for different experiences from their routine, however, not wanting to lose the comfort zone cosiness.

This award is another proof of excellence of hotel service in Portugal and the premium quality of the Portuguese textile!