Hemp – The Most Ecological Fiber In The World

At Allcost, reducing the environmental impact is one of the main vectors. The bet on Hemp, the most environmentally friendly textile fiber in the world, is the result of our commitment to environmentally friendly premium textiles, presenting itself as another major milestone in our sustainability policy. Learn what this textile fiber is all about and what you can expect from our Hemp products.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is the strongest and most durable organic vegetable fiber on the planet, being five times more resistant than cotton. It is in the Top 5 of the plantations with less impact and that contribute more to the biodiversity, according to the study of Montford and Small (1999).

What are its characteristics?

With unmatched durability, resiliency, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, Hemp is a fresh item, comfortable, has a cold thermal sensation, making people feel 5ºC colder, good humidity absorption capacity, air permeability, dirt resilient and has more regular texture when compared with the other fibers with which traditionally work.

Hemp does not need synthetic herbicides or pesticides to grow, the water requirement is inversely proportional to the soil nutrient characteristics (soils with more nutrients = less water), is biodegradable and decompose naturally, resulting in a sustainable and low environmental impact article, which appeals to young people and to more conscious audiences.

With strong ultraviolet protection properties (95% without treatment / 100% with treatment vs. 30% – 90% other fibers), it has a very stable molecular structure which reduces the production of static electricity, subsequently erosions and skin allergies. His molecular properties (pores + oxygen + phenolic compounds) inhibit the appearance of bacteria such as E-Coli and Candida Auris.

Allcost ensures once again to its clients a supply of quality and excellence.