Percale bed linen: advantages and how to choose

Percale bed linen

Business owners in the hospitality business are constantly faced with increasingly refined demands from customers. All customers seek far more than just a stay; they enjoy having a real experience. Therefore, a comfortable bed, with soft and inviting sheets, is without a doubt a must for an excellent service. Find out here what the advantages of Percale bed linen are and how to select it.

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The differences between Egyptian Cotton, Organic Cotton and Regular Cotton

The available selection in types of cotton fabric and thread for bed and bath linen is extensive, complex and sometimes even confusing. What advantages does each type of cotton add? Is there some type of cotton that is unarguably better? How does each type of cotton distinguish itself in terms of traits, specifically softness and durability?

In order to answer these and other questions and shed some further light upon the more common types of cotton, we prepared this article to review the differences between Egyptian, organic and regular cotton.

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The 5 most popular hotel articles that are taken as souvenirs

hotel articles

Toilet items, tea, ceramic pieces, cutlery, cups, lamps, sheets, TV remote control batteries, hair dryers, mirrors and even works of art. All of these objects (and a few others) are part of the list that resulted from a survey of the main items stolen in hotels around the world by The survey heard 8,000 establishments from different countries and produced results that were at least curious. The truth is that seven in 10 hotel guests admit to have taken home something that did not belong to him.

Check out the 5 most popular hotel articles that are taken as souvenirs:

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3 hotel industry trends for 2018

hotel industry trends

The hotel industry is dynamic and evolves as time goes by, thanks to the evolution of technologies and, mainly, thanks to the increase of demand and offer. There are several challenges, such as the Airbnb growth and the new millennium travel and consumption standards. Therefore, it is necessary a constant reinvention and adaptation to everything that happens, in such a fast way.

The main trend will be for each hotel to tell a story, integrating itself in the community that surrounds it, without neglecting comfort and quality. Discover the main trends of the hotel industry for 2018.

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The right choice of hotel textiles

Hotel textiles are real visit cards and deserve full atention and care at the moment of decision. Good decisions become consumer dreams of many visitors who, in the future, will relate the hotel to comfort, satisfaction and refinement.

Lying in white sheets and wiping down with soft and smooth towells are some of the main pleasures of a visitor in the check in moment, raising the relevance of having spotless sheet, with a soft and velvety touch, which is only guaranteed with top quality products.

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Psychology of Colors for Bedrooms

colors psychology

Colors have an incredible strenght and undoubtedly influence our day to day. For example, on sunny days, we are way happier than during gray rainy days.

We should also have that in consideration in our home environment and adapt the color selection to the bedrooms, we just need to follow the same principles that chromotherapy defends: each color is responsible for a different effect on our routine and in our emotional state.

In this article we present a basic guide about color psychology, which ones we should and shouldn’t use in the bedroom.

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