Design, Quality and Sustainability: REPREVE, RECYCLED & REGENERATED YARNS

Focused on textile innovation and sustainable alternatives, Allcost & Aquatowel presents qualities that will surprise you, such as REPREVE Bath towels, developed from recycled plastic bottles, or our eco-friendly articles for Bed and Bath in RECYCLED YARNS, made from from a mixture of recycled cotton and polyester. As well, know more about the sophisticated Foutas and Ponchos for Beach and Pool in REGENERATED YARNS, it consists of textile waste as a raw material resource, diverting them from landfills and incineration. Be part of the A-conscious movement! Know more about these special yarns.

A conscious choice with style

At Allcost & Aquatowel, sustainable development is a priority, and sustainability is at the forefront of new product decisions and strategic planning, which is why constantly invests in textile innovation and textile alternatives that integrate quality and sustainability. REPREVE, a special yarn created with recycled plastic bottles and BPA-free (Bisphenol A-free product, a compound used to manufacture polycarbonate), present in Aquatowel Bath, Beach and Pool towels, it’s mixed with pure cotton in a design with rich textures, stylish borders and contrasting stitching details.

REPREVE Bath Towels made from recycled plastic bottles

REPREVE is a recycled fiber manufactured by Unifi, a global leader in textile solutions. As REPREVE towels by Aquatowel are combined with cotton fibers, it promotes good water absorption and a comfortable touch.

To reduce waste and avoid damage to the environment, REPREVE is a sustainable choice, considering the rising levels of overpopulation and excessive consumption, the fashion industry must turn its attention to new fiber production systems , and the best example of this is textiles made from recycled fibers. The increased use of recycled fiber reduces our dependence on oil as a raw material for fabrics. The production of fiber from recycled bottles is better for the climate, which generates CO2 emissions 75% lower than virgin polyester. However, REPREVE fiber emits less greenhouse gases and saves water and energy in the process, which makes a big difference to our lives and future generations.

Reduction of textile waste with Recycled Yarns

Saving Water, Energy, use of raw materials with renewal resources, reduction of waste and textile waste, are some of the advantages and benefits of creating the eco-friendly and conscious movement of Allcost & Aquatowel, focused on innovation and sustainability. The new 2020 collection features Bath towels and Bedding articles in RECYCLED Yarns, made of 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled polyester.

Bath Towels in RECYCLED YARNS – design, quality and sustainability aligned with the consumer’s mindset

Recycled cotton is generally produced largely through pre-consumer waste, such as cut waste, preventing it from being landfilled. Another major environmental benefit is the reduction in water consumption, because the amount of water used to recycle cotton is less than the amount used to grow and produce virgin cotton. The mix of cotton fibers and recycled polyester creates a 100% recycled yarn, available in products made by Allcost & Aquatowel.

Jacquard fabric in RECYCLED YARNS, creating eco-friendly products with design

Mediterranean inspiration in Regenerated Yarns

Fouta towels, also known as Turkish towels, are featured in Allcost and Aquatowel’s Beach and Pool collections. Versatile and functional, brings elegance to the beach and pool, and can also be used on a picnic, or a decorative blanket, ideal for relaxing moments. In the new 2020 collection, some Foutas and Ponchos are made from Regenerated Yarns, consisting of 80% cotton and 20% other recycled fibers, mixed with plastic fibers, polyester and other varied fibers.

Foutas by Aquatowel, made with REGENERATED YARNS

The products are composed mostly of cotton fibers, which maintain good water absorption, soft and smooth touch, since the combination with polyester and other more resistant fibers provides greater durability, besides that the Regenerated Yarn saves energy and water in processing, and rethinking the planet’s textile waste.

The perfect look for beach and pool – a Poncho by Aquatowel in REGENERATED YARNS

Allcost and Aquatowel once again guarantee their clients a supply of quality and excellence.