The World’s Most Effective and Non-toxic Repellent

At Allcost and Aquatowel, reducing the environmental impact is one of our main vectors. The partnership with professionals who are dedicated to identifying and developing innovative solutions in the field of nanotechnology, is the result of our focus on premium textiles environmentally friendly. Learn what this technology involves and what you can expect from our Repel Mosquito products.

At Allcost and Aquatowel, have reached yet another important milestone in their sustainability policy. This partnership guarantees textiles with repellent and non-toxic characteristics with maximum protection against mosquitoes, adding value to the fight against these infectious diseases.

What is Repel Mosquito?

Vector-borne Diseases (VBD), such as Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya, among others, are located mainly in tropical and subtropical regions. These are caused by a living organism that transports a pathogenic agent and infects another living being, causing more than 3 million deaths a year.

With this, the World Health Organization (WHO) continuously emphasizes the importance of prevention and control measures for VBD and it is in this strategy that we fit in with the Repel Mosquito solution.

Through partners composed of professionals dedicated to the identification and development of innovative nanotechnology solutions, Repel Mosquito is delivered through a unique and innovative technology consisting of a particle matrix that allows the transport of active substances, binding to various materials giving them new properties and characteristics.

What are its advantages?

Through tests conducted by IHMT – Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in Portugal, and the SIRI Life Sciences in India, this solution shows a high efficiency, with a repellency rate of between 90% and 99% against mosquitoes that cause Malaria, Dengue fever, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya.

The Repel Mosquito solution has numerous advantages such as repellent (non-insecticide), non-toxic, safe for humans (application from 6 months of age and without skin irritation), biocompatible, ecofriendly, Oeko-Tex® compatible and still has high efficiency and durability.

Allcost and Aquatowel ensures once again to its clients a supply of quality and excellence.