Tips for a rural tourism business

Tourism is an high sector in Portugal. Rural tourism has taken a lot of entrepreneurs to invest in differential projects. If this is your case, find out some tips that you can use in your rural tourism business. It seems differentiation is the key to a market with even more offer. The demand for spaces with unique experiences and less massed places has grown.

Besides, rural tourism hospitality seems to be the factor that can appeal, more effectively, to guests. Parallel to the more impersonal and large-scale hotel chains, there is a tourism centered on familiarity and small units that stand out in details and unique experience.

Thus, rural tourism lacks of strategies focused on comfort, professionalism and check-in. This path is possible through the implementation of tips that will make your space unique and appealing.

We have compiled a few tips that, we believe, will make all the difference in your rural tourism unit:

Good staff training – One of the essential points

Professionalism, friendliness and customer focus should be the priority. A good team of service and maintenance will be fundamental for the whole experience during the stay.

Understand the potential of the surrounding environment

Get to know, like no one, the whole region where the rural tourism space is inserted. Touristic spots, region operators and activities partners that may interest your guests.

Create a differentiator space

Give the main highlight to the comfort and well-being of those who visit.

The rooms are central points

Apart from the aesthetics and well being feeling, you can not imagine what the comfort and softness of a sheets will benefit your space, as well as the warmth of a quality bath towel or face. In this point, Allcost can assist you by presenting you the most appropriate textile solutions for the hotel sector.

Realize what services you can offer to guests during your stay

Rental bikes for a stroll, breakfast outside, activities within the rural tourism unit. There are multiple options you can explore.

textiles rural tourism

If you want to know more details about the textile options for the hotel sector or rural tourism, visit In such a demanding industry, you need to have a partner up to the challenge. Trust the Allcost team.