Tips for having a summer inspired bedroom

Summer appeals to colour and bedroom renewal! The change of certain details in space make all the difference and make this division more fun. Discover some tips on room decoration inspired in this season.

Changing some details in the bedroom will be enough to make this room fresher! You can’t imagine the difference that small details may do to a room. We are sure that the following tips will bring summer to your bedroom!

Choose lighter bed textiles

Save your heating blanket, heavy and cozier tones and choose a thinner and colourful  bedspread. You will have more comfort during your sleep and will soon give the room a new life!

Different sizes pillows

Pillows complement – perfectly – the bed. Big, small, square, rectangular, everything is allowed! If you choose them with stronger colour patterns, join them with a quilt of more neutral tones.


Renew the curtains with fresher tones

If your curtains are heavy, summer time is the ideal moment to choose fresher fabrics. Conjugate curtains colour with the carpets, for a perfect combination.

Give colour to the walls

Transport the colours of summer to your walls. You can choose to paint one or more areas of the wall or choose a wallpaper with pattern.

Fill the room with photos or pictures

Filling the walls with pictures is a great tip to colour the room and, at the same time, give you that feeling of remembering good times past.

Bring Nature to the bedroom

Bedroom plants gives more dynamic and life to the space and can also help you rest. The main concern is picking the suitable plants for this compartment. Jasmine or lavender are two of these examples that will bring benefits to rest!

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