Tips to better choose your bed textile

The feeling of a comfortable and freshly made bed is indescribable. Having comfort in the bedroom is more important than in any other place in the house and all the small details have a big impact on a good rest. Find here some tips that will help you to better choose your bed textile.

Maybe you aren’t aware of that but the bedding that you use has a huge contribution for a good night of sleep. The woven make all the difference and also have a huge influence on your rest. If you consider that the most part of our lives is spent sleeping,  then it will be easy to understand the huge importance of choosing the right bedclothes.

bed textiles

Never undervalue your own comfort

When we are talking about sleeping, the comfort is the most important thing. Opt for soft and comfortable sheets and adapt your bedspreads within year’s season – lighter in the summer and denser for the the winter. Always choose sheets made with breathable fabrics. To learn more about woven options check our article about the Differences between Percale, Linen and Satin.

Always opt for high-quality woven

When you are buying bedding you should consider that this kind of products have a long lifetime value. The price is important, but it mustn’t be the only purchase decision factor in your mind. Remember that high-quality bedding is stronger and durable and you’ll notice the difference in the first washes.

Consider cooler sheets for the warmer seasons

The sheets and all bedding should be chosen according to the year‘s season. In the summer the percale fabric is the best option because of its coolness and, in the winter, linen or satin fabrics are the most comfortable. The duvet and the bedspread are also very important. They have different thicknesses, thinner for summer and other more appropriate for the colder months.

Bedding colour and patterns are also important

The hand feeling and softness are important factors but never forget the visual impact in the comfort and positive energy transmitted. Neutral tones and geometric shapes are gentle yet firm but, in other way, more shining colours provide more interesting and exciting experiences. You also can mix colours and patterns with similar tones to create a more harmonious environment.

bed textiles

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