Cashmere is one of the scarce and rarest fibers in the world and in turn one of the most valuable. It is recognized by its extreme softness and glossy quality as a result of its extremely thinner fibers. Its fiber is small and smooth, since there is a layer of air between the fiber, which makes it light, soft and smooth.

It is soft to the touch, silky, light, breathable and has good humidity absorption. With high cohesion, the thermal permeability of cashmere is excellent. The use of its fibers stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce fatigue and health care. It requires special care, as in protecting against friction, preventing pilling.

Cashmere is biodegradable and how much longer and thinner is the fiber, the stronger it is. Long cashmere fibers maintain their physical integrity longer. Like cashmere is naturally elastic and resilient (recovering quickly), it has unique properties, such as fast recovery of wrinkled fabric, durability, volume, comfortable and conservation of heat.
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