In this special 2020 collection, Allcost & Aquatowel present the best premium, natural and certified fabrics, such as Organic Cotton and Egyptian Cotton, the silky touch of Kashmir, the luxurious satin Jacquards with Bamboo and Silk, the natural benefits of Linen or Hemp, the most ecological textile fiber in the world, and the great eco-friendly novelties, Kapok and Nettle. In addition, this colorful collection brings applied laces, foliage and embroidered flowers, delicate special stitches and the bold touch of our velvet with digital print.



Cashmere /Cotton BEDDING

From left to right: Pillowcase REF. CLETHRA / REF. AMESCLA / REF. SÁLVIA / REF. ESTÊVA /Dec. pillowcase (Pink) - REF.ARNICA / REF. LECYTIS; Top Flat Sheet - (green) REF. GUACO / Top Flat Sheet (white) REF. MOSQUETA /Bottom Flat Sheet in Cashmere /Cotton

Pillowcase and Duvet Cover in Digital Printing Cashmere /Cotton and Linen GW - REF. CLETHRA

Pima Cotton - Towels in Pile 100% Pima Cotton, Base 100% Cotton Ne 16/1: REF.AC411 (at the front); REF. AC416 / AC423;

Egyptian Cotton Towels - REF. AC431 GIZA, Pile 100% Egyptian Cotton

Blankets 100% Cotton: (at left) REF.3067 / (on top) REF.3111 / REF.9282 with tassel; REF.3031

Flannel Cotton blankets: REF.3074 Col.42 / REF.3074 Col.12

Cushions REF. LIATRIS / REF. BYRA; Blanket REF.9282


Kapok & Organic Cotton - REF.AC529 (on top) / REF.AC517

Nettle and Organic Cotton Bath towels REF. AC528 (on top) /REF. AC292 & Regenerated Yarns Pillowcase REF.HYDNORA

Nettle & Organic Cotton - REF. AC292 (on top and bottom); REF.AC418 (light green),REF AC291 (first brown);

Hammam in Cotton REF.AC523 / Pillowcase REF.KOKIA Cashmere & Cotton

Recycled Yarns - from top to the bottom - REF.AC530 / REF.AC531 / REF.AC532

Pillowcase in Digital Printing REF. CYNARA; Purple Pillowcases in Linen REF. VIOLETTA; REF. JASIONE (at right)

Cotton Foutas - (Box at left) Cushions in Jacquard REF. EPHEDRA; Blanket REF. EPHEDRA. (Box at right) Hammam REF. AC493 /REF. AC492 /REF. AC212;

Hammam with Lurex REF.AC495-B; Towels REF.AC500B with Lurex; REF.AC326; REF.AT18 with fringes

From top to the bottom: REF. AC428 / REF AC321/ REF. AC423/ REF.IT1/ REF.AT46

Pillowcases - From right to left: with Piping REF. STAPELIA / with wood buttons REF. LEUZEA / with double stitch REF.UMBELA /with blue special stitch REF. RHAMNUS / Yarn Dyed striped fabric, REF.HOYA /with coral special stitch, REF. ALPÍNIA;

REF. ALPÍNIA (special stitch), REF. HOYA

Cashmere & Cotton - from top to bottom: REF. LEUZEA / with Piping REF. STAPELIA /with double stitch REF.UMBELA /with blue special stitch REF. RHAMNUS

Hammams in 100%Cotton; REF. AC480 Blue; REF. AC481 Red; REF. AC481 Blue; REF. AC480 Red

Sateen BEDDING - Fom left to right: Pillowcases REF.ALOE / REF. WILLOW / (navy blue) REF. PHILO / (white) REF. YUCCA /Dec. pillowcase (white) REF.BONINA / Dec. cushion (white) REF. AQUIMEA / Top Flat Sheet with border REF. MIOSÓTIS / Top Flat Sheet with e

Decorative Pillowcases REF. ALISSO / REF.AQUIMEA



Rect. pillowcase (white) REF. YUCCA / Rect.pillowcase (navy blue) REF. PHILO

PERCALE BEDDING- From left to right: Pillowcases - REF. AMABILIS / REF.DRACAENA /REF. HALESIA / (Petroleum at front) REF. KIWAI / (Yellow) REF.LASPEDEZA/ (brick) REF. HOHERIA Top Flat Sheet (with yellow special stitch) REF. NEILLIA / (with pleats) REF. NY

SUSTAINABLE BEDDING - Fom left to right: Pillowcases REF. BUTIÁ/ (light yellow) REF. ÁSTER/ (dark Yellow) REF. MELEN / (in the middle) REF.CLARKIA / (at right) REF. LOBÉLIA / (at the front) REF. AUBRIETIA / Top Flat Sheet (beige) REF. BREYNIA / (white) R

Cashmere & Organic Cotton towel REF. AC320/ Digital Printing towel REF.AT127



Front to back: / Top Flat Sheet (beige) REF. BREYNIA / Cushion & Pillowcases REF. CLARKIA / REF. AUBRIETIA / REF. ÁSTER

Bedspread And Pillowcase In Nettle Jacquard, Top Flat Sheet In Organic Cotton With Kapok Jacquard Border & Duvet Cover In Hemp

Pillowcases (1st plan) REF. AUBRIETIA, Percale 300TC 100% Organic Cotton; REF. ÁSTER, 100% Hemp; REF. MELEN, 50% Hemp 50% Cotton

Fouta Collection

REF. AC499

REF. AC005

REPREVE - REF.AC151 with contrasting stitch/ REF.AT182 / REF.AT322;

Cotton Waffle Towels

Kapok & Organic Cotton - (on top) REF.AC527 / Cotton towels REF.AC534

Digital Printing Cushion Linen - REF.NENUFAR (at the front) / REF. NIGELLA

Silk & Cotton - Pillowcase in Jacquard REF. KASSANDRA in 70% Cotton 30% Silk

REF. CALIANDRA (with overlock) / REF. TANSY (with double row cord)

Organic Cotton - REF.AC098

Bambu & Cotton - REF.AC512 (on top) / REF. AC511

Bambu & Cotton - from left to right - REF. BELADONA / REF. COLEUS

REF. ALPÍNIA (special stitch), REF. HOYA

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