Business Policy

Allcost, focused on the textile industry and the production of hospitality and home textiles, has a wide range of products comprising bed, table and bath linens with a common characteristic: the recognized quality and excellence of the service. Aware of its potential bets on continuous improvement of its performance, assuming the responsibility of complying with provisions of its Integrated Management System, based on this Policy that is proud to apply in everything it produces and sells.
Therefore, it has the following commitments:
  • Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through a personalized, honest and professional customer service that follows market trends (Design and Innovation) and personalizes customer needs and expectations;
  • Continuously improve technical capacity and organization to provide solutions to the needs and expectations of each client and comply with all applicable requirements;
  • Commitment to the environment protection, through pollution prevention and rational use of the resources that it uses;
  • Promote job opportunities and personal development and skills of employees, in order to develop practices and attitudes aimed at individual and collective improvement;
  • Maintain partnerships that allow the company, customers, suppliers and partners sustainability;
  • Adopt a proactive posture through differentiation and design;
  • Promotion of initiatives for dialogue, promotion of justice, equal opportunities and ethical action based on respect for the individual and their rights and non-discrimination;
  • In addition to strictly respecting the laws and regulations in force, it is governed by principles of professional ethics that must, in all circumstances and in all places, inspire the behavior of workers, who have free access to the physical Ethics and Conduct code. As well, in order to allow the reporting, whether by workers, of any situations that violate the rules on which the principles of Business Ethics are based, and which allows anonymous reception, or with identification, in accordance with the requirements set out in Law No. 93/2021, of December 20, which establishes the general regime for the protection of whistleblowers, it implemented the Reporting Channel: please acess here.
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