In the Stand B25 of Hall 12.1 of Heimtextil Frankfurt, Allcost presents its latest proposals for bed and bath linen for the premium home textiles.
Trends and modernization are the focus of this new collection, which promises to differentiate itself through the use of rare and great natural fibers. A collection that focuses on Cotton / Cashmere for bedding, one of the highest quality and luxury fibers in the world, as well as on Egyptian Cotton and Organic Cotton for bath linen, the highest quality cotton fibers available on the market.

Ref. Cashmere

Ref. Cashmere

Bed Set (Cashmere) Ref. Thelma w/ Special Stitch + Ref. Caprice; Towels Ref. AT127 Light Skye; Ref. AT127 Dion

Ref. Cashmere

Towels: Above Ref. AC167; Below Ref. AC292; Behind Ref. AC167 Garmet Dye w/ Lurex

Pillowcase Ref. Aurora; Towel Above Ref. AC321; Towel Below Ref. AC011

Towels: Above Ref. AC307; Middle Ref. AC294; Below Ref. AC293

Bed Set Ref. Anchor

Towels Ref. AC321; Bed Set Ref. Anchor

Pillowcase Above Ref. Alice; Pillowcase Bellow Ref. Provence

Pillowcase: Above Ref. Almond + Bellow Ref. Malibu; Towels Ref. AC308

Pillowcase Ref. Celine; Towels: Above Ref. AT127 Light Skye; Middle Ref. AT127 Dion; Bellow Ref. AT127 Corn Flower

Towel Ref. AC323; Pillowcase Above Ref. Anemone; Pillowcase Bellow Ref. Juliane

Towels (top to bottom) Ref. AC167 with Lurex; Ref. AC167; Ref. AC167-LI

Towels: (Top to bottom) Ref. AC001; Ref. AC321; Ref. AC167; Ref. AC310; Ref. AC294

Towels Ref. AC304

Throw Ref. Spices in Linen

Ref. Egyptian Cotton

Pillowcase Above Ref. Bossa Nova Egyptian Cotton; Pillowcase Bellow Ref. Harbor

Towels Ref. AC290

Ref. Mercerized Sateen

Ref. Mercerized Sateen

Ref. Mercerized Sateen

Pillowcase Ref. Eliana; Towel Ref. AC323

Ref. Mercerized Sateen

Ref. Mercerized Sateen

Towels Ref. AC071

Towels Ref. AC309; Ref. AC011

Towels (top to bottom): Ref. Salomé; Ref. Iris; Ref. AC308-B

Ref. Cashmere

Ref. Cashmere

Ref. Cashmere

Ref. Cashmere

Pillowcase Ref. Golden

Pillowcase Ref. Almondine

Towel Ref. Laura; Pillowcase Above Ref. Laura; Pellowcase Bellow Ref. Valentine

Towels (Top to bottom) Ref. AC321; Ref. AC322; Ref. AC323; Pillowcase Above Ref. Anemone; Pillowcase Bellow Ref. Juliane

Towel Ref. AC085 Pierre; Pillowcase Ref. Pierre

Pillowcase Ref. Aurora

Ref. Serenity

Pillowcase Ref. Malibu

Pillowcases: Forward Ref. Salomé; Middle Ref. Iris; Behind Ref. Marcela

Pillowcases: Behind Ref. Marcela; Bottom to top Ref. Iris; Ref. Staring Night; Ref. Mafalda

Pillowcases (top to bottom) Ref. Vertige; Ref. Diane; Ref. Melbourne

Pillowcases (top to bottom): Ref. December; Ref. Bia; Ref. Jazzy; Ref. Dahlia; Ref. Beyonce; Ref. Sun; Ref. Spices

Ref. Mercerized Sateen

Pillowcase Ref. Orchid

Pillowcases (left, bottom to top) Ref. Moonlite; Ref. Phyllis; Ref. Delpha. Pillowcases (right, bottom to top) Ref. Crystal; Ref. Toulouse; Ref. Malibu

Towel Ref. AC167-D; Pillowcase above Ref. Provence; Pillowcase Bellow Ref. Amanda

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