Hospital Articles by Allcost

Did you know that Allcost, in addition to being a reference in the development and manufacture of home and hospitality textiles, widely recognized at national and international level, also produces Hospital articles for the most renowned Hospitals, Health Units and Nursing Homes in Portugal?

Hospital suits from the Allcost Hospitalar line are produced in Portugal for the national market

We invite you to discover a wide range of products of the highest quality of Protective Clothing, such as medical gowns, hospital tunics and pants, pajamas and nightdresses, among others, developed with the best raw materials of the European market, offering identification institutional, comfort and protection for health professionals and users, in addition to personalized bed and bath linen.  Some technical fabrics used in the hospital line have properties that guarantee safety and hygiene, as is the case with Allcost Hospitalar suits developed with Trevira® Bioactive, a silver-based antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria inside and over the fiber. Tested for compatibility with the body, it does not cause changes in skin flora or allergies, therefore it is compatible with the skin.

The hospital suits of the Allcost Hospitalar line in Trevira® Bioactive polyester are easy to maintain, clean, dry quickly, offer wrinkle and frictional resistance, maintain the stability of the shape, keeping high brightness of colors and light resistance, besides inhibiting the microbial development of odor, remaining fresh after several washes.

Silver ions exercise their effect in the immediate vicinity. Trevira® Bioactive is kind to the skin, but inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Hospital Bedding and Bath Linen

Bed and Bath linen personalized to the best Health Units and Nursing Homes

In a delicate moment, all we want is to be in the comfort of our homes. Therefore, nothing more essential than taking proper care when choosing Bed and Bath Linen fabrics for the hospital environment and residential homes, opting for pillowcases and soft sheets, quilts and blankets adjusted to the season, personalized with embroidery, jacquard and institutional colors, offering users a complete atmosphere of health and well-being.

The Hospital Bedding line provides pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, in various fabric and confection qualities, in addition to complementary items such as mattress and pillow covers, bedspreads, blankets, among others. In the Bath line, terry towels with simple threads provides a softer touch, and the twisted thread compounds guarantee greater durability, in addition to being elaborated with double stitching in the long hems, providing greater durability and resistance.

The best selection in hospital bath articles

The correct choice of protective clothing for the health professionals team, or protective clothing, Bedding or Bath articles for users is very important in guaranteeing safety, hygiene and comfort. Don’t hesitate to contact us, our specialists are at your service. Find out more articles in the Allcost Hospitalar Catalog (available only in Portuguese), download it for free.

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