Aquatowel News: Fresh, hygienic and sustainable Bath towels with Polygiene®

Reference in Hospitality and Home Textiles, Aquatowel, from Allcost group dedicated to Bath and SPA articles, presented last week at Heimtextil, leading textile fair in Germany, another important certification: Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology, a special finishing which keeps products fresh, durable and hygienic, consequently it allows wash less frequently and save time and water – especially the product itself.

Know more about this certification, the advantages and benefits added to Aquatowel products.

Fresh, hygienic, durable and sustainable

Aquatowel products surprise with touch, design, use of certified raw materials, finishing innovation, sustainability and now brings the achievement of Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology certification.

The multiplication and growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi are generated in hot and humid environments from the mixture of textiles with the natural, odorless sweat of the human body. In order to prevent the growth of odor causing agents, Polygiene® is applied to fabrics using low concentrations of silver chloride, which has antimicrobial properties, made from 100% recycled silver. Silver chloride is naturally present in water and soil. Polygiene® particles have a large amount of silver ions per surface area. Due to the structure of the particles, very small amounts of silver are required for effective treatment. 

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Polygiene®permanent odor control can be applied to fabrics at the same time as other fabric treatments, requiring no additional energy or water in the process, as well as the addition of chemicals to adhere to the fabric, so Polygiene® is on the list of Oeko-Tex approved materials. Products treated with Polygiene®can be washed at a lower temperature and less frequently because they can be used several times between washes, extending the life of the product. It becomes significant, as washing and drying of textiles are the major contributors to overuse of water and energy, and greenhouse gas emissions over the life of a garment. Be environmentally conscious – use several times before washing!

Safety and Quality assurance

Polygiene® has its heritage in the healthcare sector and has undergone extensive skin sensitivity testing. No interference with bacteria naturally occuring on the skin. Polygiene® is active only on the materials’s surface and does not interfere with bacteria naturally found on the skin, even when used for long periods of time. Tests also conclude that there is no identified risk from dermal and oral contact with silver treatment. Polygiene® is not nano silver, its particles are 100 times larger than nanoparticles and therefore are too large to penetrate the skin barrier. 


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